BeautifulBee visited GIC & PGA in Poland

by BB Team in Poland on 12 October 2019

As the Polish Indie Game Studio, we don't forget about our roots. This is why Game Industry Conference and Poznań Game Arena were mast-have events for us with lots of our Dev friends from all Polish GameDev community.

Special thanks to Maciej Miąsik (Pixel Crow), Kacper Szymczak (Artificer), Artur Ganszyniec (Different Tales) and Marcin Turecki (TwoMammoths) for feedback and design consultation/support with Strings Theory.

And of course, we come back to 2015 with Game Dev School where everything starts. BeautifulBee Team would not be in this place without the best course in the whole world. Cheers, Marcin Celarek & Maciej Miąsik!

As once Marcin Celarek said "The 'Super Heroes' don't make Super Games. The 'Super Teams' do make them".

Holy truth.











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