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We are Bautiful Bee - couple of friends working together in one team.
We use our skills to create better and better games. Enjoy our site and watch oure previous products.
If You enjoy it don't be shy and give as like. We will be appreciated.






Super galaxio

Very first project and very
successful gameplay. Thank U
Galaxian for inspiration, Thank U
GameDevShool for pressure of


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When Wendy Dies?

Survival-horror endless runner in shadow theater style.
Don't be scared You die
anyway... don't You?
Available on Android.


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Created on P-JAM Pyrkon 2016
PeeQuest is 24 hour Game Jam
project. Try it and chceck why
this game achieved Award from


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The Lamp Lighter

Point and Click adventure puzzle
game, on nearly end developing
state. Lovecraft universe,
criminal atmosphere, misterius
puzzle ... who doesn't like it.


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Strings Theory

What if there is no such thing as
matter, but only string of energy?
Stay tuned with as and check
Dev Diary to see info about our
newest game.


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Thank You For Cooperation And Support
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