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We are BeautifulBee - a group of friends from Poland working together as a team.
We use our skills to create games that we ourselves would love to play.
Check out our projects to find something awesome for yourself.







Strings Theory

Go on an adventure on a subatomic
level! Test your wits in a freaky,
tricky logic game with an abstract
concept and colorful heroes.
Stay tuned with us for more info.


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When Wendy Dies?

Survival-horror endless runner
in shadow theatre style.
Don't be scared. You’re going
to die anyway... Won't You?
Available on Android.


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Pyra Na Ostro

A potato we’re proud of!
The contestant and 1st place
winner at P-JAM Pyrkon 2017.
Just some harmless fun 
from your friends at BB.


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Created at P-JAM Pyrkon 2016
PeeQuest is a 24-hour Game Jam
project. Try it and check why
this game was awarded
by the Jury.


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The Lamp Lighter

A point-and-click puzzle adventure
game, nearing the end of the developing
stage. Lovecraft’s universe, crime
drama atmosphere, mysterious
puzzles... Who wouldn't like it?


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Super galaxio

Our very first project, and a very
successful one at that. Thank U
Galaxian for inspiration. Thank U
GameDevShool for the pressure of
time that made us give 120%.


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Thank You For Cooperation And Support
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