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Who We Are?

We are a bunch of friends who met on GameDev course. Each of us is a full-time employee in his specialization like programmers, musician,
graphic designer and IT specialist. Our goal is to develop our passion into a company where we will create new games in full time.
Keep your fingers crossed for us.





actual crew


Bieliński Rafał

Hardcore Programmer and
Warrior. I don't want to be his
keyboard if something goes
the wrong way.


Chmielewski Tomasz

Graphic Designer / Animator.
If sth is pretty then it's his fault.




Duber Mateusz

Our man of all work:
Project Manager, Software Engineer
and founder of PERFECTFLASH.




Niewęgłowski Jakub

One man orchestra - he plays,
he produces, also in his own
music studio.




Słupek Andrzej

Ambitious Programmer,
strong team member and first
of all simply great person.







 occasionally team members




Pacynko Piotr

Piotr help us as a Writer in
"Lamplighter" project.
Special thx :)


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