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Who We Are?

We are a bunch of friends who met on GameDev course. Each of us is a full-time employee in his specialization like programmers, musician,
graphic designer and IT specialist. Our goal is to develop our passion into a company where we will create new games in full time.
Keep your fingers crossed for us.





actual crew


Bieliński Rafał

Hardcore Programmer and
Warrior. I don't want to be his
keyboard if something goes
the wrong way.


Chmielewski Tomasz

Graphic Designer / Animator.
If sth is pretty then it's his fault.




Duber Mateusz

Our man of all work:
Web & Software Programmer /
IT Specialist and founder




Niewęgłowski Jakub

One man orchestra - he plays,
he produces, also in his own
company Free Pix Studio.




Słupek Andrzej

Ambitious Programmer,
strong team member and first
of all simply great person.







 occasionally team members




Pacynko Piotr

Piotr help us as a Writer in
"Lamplighter" project.
Special thx :)


    Keep Calm

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