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Meet the Bees

We are BeautifulBee - a group of friends from Poland who met at a GameDev course in 2015. We have been working together ever since.
Our team consists of professionals like programmers, musicians, graphic designers, writers and more.
Our goal is to create games that we ourselves would love to play.





The Crew
Mateusz Duber

Head of Studio & Software Engineer

Our man of many parts: Project Manager,
Software Engineer, Game Designer,
Build & Release Engineer, Biz Dev,
and more.

Tomasz Chmielewski

Graphic & Game Designer

Covers all scope that you can
imagine on the screen and beyond.
If something is pretty or cool,
it’s because of him.



Rafał Bieliński


Hardcore Programmer and
Warrior. I don't want to be his
keyboard if something
goes wrong.



Jakub Niewęgłowski

Sound Designer & Music Composer

One-man band - a composer,
a musician and a producer,
also in his own music studio.



Michał Puczyński

Writer & Community Coordinator

Journalist, copywriter, marketer and
social media manager for a number
of video game devs and publishers.
Wrote a handful of short horror stories.



Andrzej Słupek

Community Programmer

Ambitious Programmer,
strong team member and
just a great person overall.






 Occasionally Team Members



Piotr Pacynko


Piotr helped us as a writer
in "Lamplighter" project.
Special thx :)