Dev Diary 8 - Strings Theory

Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 22 September 2016

Hello! It's been a while since we post our last dev diary, but better late than never :P. Game Dev “after normal work” is a hard challenge, especially when you want to make something that will look awesome for developers and players. We are a little bit of late with plans, but driving that car forward to city calls “Final Release”.

After compile private alpha we give it to all our friends, family and colleagues in work. We gathered so many information from feedback, that puts many changes into the game, especially in Level Design concept and variants of challenges. Many Bonuses and features will be added too :).

As always we have a favour to you guys, stay with as for more information - you will not be disappointed ;).


What we have done until now:

  • Enviro animations v1
  • Strings Animations v1
  • Menu and HUD placeholders (interface for screen v1):

  @ End level with points screen v1
  @ Start menu v1
  @ Menu in-game - pause menu v1
  @ Dialogues of Strings v1

  • Enable animations for Strings mechanics
  • Enable animations for enviro mechanics
  • Mechanics of part level invisibility until turning on the portal for another part - define the amount of energy must be collected
  • Animations on exit portals were changed
  • Fixes for SFX + custom sound player in the engine for SFX and music
  • The prototype of mechanics for third String - twins:

 @ split
 @ marge
 @ change of Pods trajectory from the action button trigger (special twins ability)
 @ prepare prefabs for connecting to animations

 @ Joomla 3.6.2
 @ Custom Template
 @ Tutorial for Redactor
 @ Responsive site view 1280px - 1920px
Modules for commerce, posts, filtrations/tags for project
 @ Mobile view
 @ Content in ANG - History of Dev Diary Strings Theory + rest of our beautiful projects ;)
 @ Integration of Social Media ‘share’ and ‘like’ module
 @ YouTube module

  • Jira - CRM in the cloud was lunched for schematic work + Kanban board configuration with time estimate + convert all our tasks for requests in Jira system
  • Fix for “Blue Flash” - it's working now on actual project version
  • Added trigger form Action Button for blue String
  • Fixes for small bugs in mechanic








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