Dev Diary 7 - Strings Theory

Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 22 August 2016

We are after big Crunch, very tired but happy because private playable alpha was released! With 10 levels and a lot of mechanics for audit needs :D. Progress is going forward with smiles on our faces. Everywhere we feel that Game Dev energy is pumping in our veins from the view of creations masterpiece. I think that feeling is the reward for ultra hard work of the whole team. Such projects are fulfilment for artists and specialists like as. That’s what game dev is all about right? ;)

What we have done:

What we done: V
What we didn't do: " - "

1. Basics movement of heroes ( simplified form ) :

  • [WASD] - up, left, down, right
  • movement only on “normal” tail ( empty space cannot be reached ) V
  • movement from central UNIT to another central UNIT V

2. We created segments (Presets) for modular level design V

3. Individual mechanics for hero and switch option :

  • switch option V
  • Blue string V
  • Yellow string V
  • Twins string -

4. Added Collectible and mechanics for that objects V

5. Level design from module version I ( 10 levels ) V

6. Interface :

  • visualization of switch heroes -
  • restart level + ext -
  • visualization of Collectible counter V
  • menu start -
  • screens of levels choose -
  • credits -

7. Standards heroes movement

  • point and click system movement - mouse pathfinding -

8. Intelligent camera work -

9. Animations -

10. Heroes dialogues + Tags system for dialogues -

11. Music and SFX V


- I phase -

  • Level editor for players
  • Added difficulty level - the extra dimension

What we can tell you more is that we start to develop another states of project ;). In another release much more will come, so look for Strings Theory project further informations.

For the end, we give you a BONUS! Playable movie from private Alpha. Enyou!









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