Dev Diary 6 - Strings Theory

Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 29 July 2016

We are a little bit of late with work so officially we start Crunch 1.0 (deadline for audit version - playable alpha). Crunch 2.0 will start at 2,5 months to end time for finale build. We were planning to work as German Tiger, finishing task after task. That sadly didn't happen - life :(. But we don't crack and with lessons from previous projects experience is telling us that in 3 days 70% of the planned project can be done. The fight is still on!

What we have done:

  • Implementation of graphics effects, filters, fixes for camera etc.
  • Fixes for camera animation
  • Placeholders for menu and HUD was created
  • Code for mechanics of yellow Strings
  • Prefabs for level design are all done ( very soon we will be creating levels )
  • Code for portals was added - portals will teleport as to other parts of levels
  • We fixed many small Bugs
  • BBT site is almost done - it must be perfect because the first impression can be done only one time ;)
  • We planned “MINIMUM E” functionality and features for audit alpha version of the game
  • Many other small things that we did not mention here, but are definitely done :)

We are going further with progress on our beautiful project. We have hope that we take a rest in time when the game will be transferring to server ;).

Scenes from the game will be shown after level design. You must be patient and believe in our words that for sure we make progress in the development process.


“MINIMUM E” for Audit:


  • String [ Blue ] unlock tails
  • String [ Yellow ] Switching site of the level
  • Strings movement
    Strings switching
  • Collectible energy [ balls ]
  • Unlock portals on a specific amount of energy [ balls ]
  • End of level [ field ] - next level switch
  • Flying PODs
  • Parts of the level will be visible after turning on portals


  • Keyboard controls [ movement ]
  • Mouse control [ switching strings, movement
  • Camera fix + interaction [ zoom in and out; follow Hero ]


  • 7 levels:
  • 2 x Prolog - Blue
  • 2 x Prolog - Yellow
  • 3 x Standard [ 2 Strings ]


  • The actual level of the graphic is enough
  • ( optional ) Heroes animation
  • ( optional ) Particles
  • splash screen + button


  • Standard music in the game
  • ( optional ) SFX of Strings and level

# Optional mechanics "IN PLUS" - if there will be time


  • Amount of collected energy
  • Actual String
  • Actual level







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