Dev Diary 5 - Strings Project

Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 12 July 2016

Life is hard, especially when every responsibility is jumping on the TODO list in one time. So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls CRUNCH 1.0 is warming up. After fixing our schedule, calendar and task list we need Super Powers to land this plane. With experience gathered from earlier projects, we know that if you have “CRUNCH POWERS” - every project in any date is possible ;). Wish as LUCK (and B I G 5L boiler with coffee) !

What we have done:

  • Implementation of camera scrolling after cursor moves to the edge of the screen
  • Implementation of camera focus on actual playing String Hero ( camera follows after String Hero )
  • Ability to switch Strings Heroes with a mouse click ( ‘On Object’ )
  • Implementations of HUD (prototype/placeholder) for Strings Heroes switch function
  • Two playable Strings Heroes on the level with switch function
  • Effects prototyping of graphics and camera ( Noise, Focus, Blend, Auto Zoom Out & In on Strings Objects, Lights Movement, Emboss etc. )
  • Implementations of counter and mechanic for collecting balls - universal energy ( balls unlocks portals for other parts of level )
  • We added a draft of prefabs for ‘pods’ movement ( one of ‘block’ level )
  • 60% of finished BBT website ( Dev Diary, All Projects Portfolio, Team Members, Contact, FB, Responsive Site, Super Ultra Mega needed plugins for All Super Ultra Content to Show ;) )
  • And the ton of different small and bigger things we forgot to write about, that guys are making with sweat on their faces and super ninjas air attacks ( hayyyy yaa!!! )

We continue to struggle to complete our beautiful project! :D






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