Dev Diary 4 - Strings Project

Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 27 June 2016

After hours of hard work, the prototype is looking very promising. We are very proud of yourself that after 6 months of Game Dev - 3 projects ( behind “regular work” ) and one Game Jam ( we were even awarded for PeeQuest ) still in our veins hot blood is pumping with power and love for creating electronic entertainment.

Progress on the prototype:

  • We created functionality for String, that rotates level ‘blocks’ ( Blue String )
  • We created a system for Strings movement with the right animation timing - the nice flow of chosen String Hero
  • Draft of scripts for action buttons that make Strings Hero switch possible and special ability triggers on proper blocks
  • We created grid mechanic for level ‘blocks’, that Strings Heros could walk on ( in future can be possible to implement ‘path-finding’ for mouse game control + levels design process will be much easier )
  • We created limit in level design for Strings, that tells "Strings Heroes can't enter on one block on the same time" ( Sokoban in-game mechanic )
  • The project is developed with prefabs hierarchy for the level designer
  • Draft of mechanic that will switch actual playing String to another String Hero
  • Draft of Yellow String functionality
  • Draft of mechanic that gives functionality for collecting energy balls - universal energy, to unlock portals that teleports Strings Heroes to other parts of the level
  • Draft of portals with particles effects that will be triggered when String is standing on portals blocks
  • Blocks of level are textured and we are testing BPR effect ( bump mapping + lights )
  • We implemented sprites - placeholders for Strings Heroes
  • More things that probably we forgot to write about :P

Progress with project work - 'Project Card':

  • We planned early milestones with specific functionality and arranged them on team members
  • We created a stable version of all game mechanics and objects in prototype for audit ( scope of the prototype for audit presentation )
  • We decided that one time in the week we gonna have a team conference/progress review

The progress of work for the community ( advertise, branding, social media and www ):

  • Our graphic designer created logo and graphic for website BBT
  • CMS was installed and configured with modules, plugins and custom code. Also, the domain was booked ( )

Currently, we are working very hard to finishing all planned tasks. At this moment we don't see blockers that could harm estimated time for game development ^_^.






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