Dev Diary 3 - Strings Project

Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 13 June 2016

Step by step, task after task, from ashes of ideas and concepts beautiful game is showing on the horizon. Many work must be done, but we are full of hope and good feelings that it gonna be awesome!

What we have done:

  • We planned with details in game mechanics and rules
  • We created documentation for programmers
  • We designed levels for Prolog - Game mechanics tutorial. Amount of stages and difficulty level are enough for publisher presentation ( scope of strong ‘Demo’)
  • We determined plans for the future development of the project:
        @ Comparative mode;
        @ The complexity of levels;
        @ Options for porting project on the different consoles/systems (GamePad control);
        @ DLC with levels + Skin Packs;
        @ Option to add extra String Hero and max two game mechanics;
        @ Rating system and Achievements for the player;
        @ Various game modes:
          - Time Attack - defines the amount of time for finish level
          - ‘Tactical Challenge’ - defines the amount of movement on the level for finish him ( Sokoban mechanic ) + movement counter with
            rating system - if less then better
  • We created first Placeholders + graphics assets for programmers
  • We created stable SVN repository and the first prototype of movement for one string
  • We start to plan real dates for Milestones by programmers based on work time of the first prototype
  • Together We decided that there is a strong need for official portal + social media of BeautifulBee Team. Also, Dev Diary for the community will be created on the portal. Ours Sound Designer ( Kuba Nieweglowski ) declared himself, that He will be writing hole bunch of beautiful information for the community on BBT site and Facebook :D
  • Tons of other stuff that We forgot to write about, but are of course in developing process ;)








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