Dev Diary 2 - Strings Project

Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 19 May 2016

From 5 projects that we individually created as a game concept one was chosen - in the democratic way of course. After we decided what to develop, the time has come for planning, researching and reading tech documentation of tools we going to use.


Our Plans:

20 - 30.05.2016  - Research in the documentation for Game Engine; inspirations and first assets/placeholders; first prototype

30.05.2016 - Milestones plan; analyze of project work; manage next tasks


What we have done:

  • Democratic choice of Concept ( mechanic, early design and history) from 5 examples
  • The code name for the project ( Strings )
  • The democratic choice for Game Engine - Unity 3D
  • Manage tasks; collaboration standards; extra duties of individual Team Member
  • Set date for early phase prototype ( 30.05.2016 ) + start planning real dates for milestones









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