BeautifulBee received the award at the P-JAM 2016

by BB Team in Poland on 10 April 2016

With big pleasure we want to announce that the BeautifulBee Team consisting of Tomasz Chmielewski (graphic designer), Mateusz Duber (programmer) and Jakub Niewęgłowski (Sound & Music Designer) received the award in P-JAM 2016 (25h creation game marathon) at the Pyrkon 2016 Fantasy Festival (Poznan - Poland) for "PeeQuest".

After 24 hours of fun and (of course) hard work at P-JAM POZNAN PYRKON 2016 in the BeautifulBee Team squad (Mateusz Duber, Kuba Niewęgłowski, Tomasz Chmielewski) we were able to create PeeQuest - an arcade game where we have to do everything to not awake our sleepy hero and let him .... Emmm, just check by your self what will happen ;).

We are incredibly satisfied with the quality of music and graphics (everything was done by the team from scratch), the mechanics are balanced and, what is most important, the game was finished ("it's done", said the programmer: P). In summary, we are very happy after the event because it was our first Game Jam (already we know that it's not the last). Our title with surprise (because all games were great) has been awarded from the jury and organizers, what we are very thankful.

Thank you Poznanska Gildia Graczy for the organization at Pyrkon such an amazing event for Game Dev which is P-JAM! We would like to thank all other participants and organizers/sponsors for the whole event and prizes. See you in the next year.













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