Dev Diary 8 - Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 22 September 2016

Hello! It's been a while since we post our last dev diary, but better late than never :P. Game Dev “after normal work” is hard challenge, especially when you want to make something that will looks awesome for developers and players. We are a little bit of late with plans, but driving that car forward to city calls “Final Release”.

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Dev Diary 7 - Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 22 August 2016

We are after big Crunch, very tired but happy because private playable alpha was released ! With 10 levels and lot of mechanics for audit needs :D. Progress is going forward with smiles on our faces. Everywhere we feel that Game Dev energy is pumping in our veins from view of creations masterpiece. I think that feeling is reward for ultra hard work of whole team. Such projects are fulfilment for artists and specialists like as. That’s what game dev is all about right ? ;)

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Dev Diary 6 - Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 29 July 2016

We are a little bit of late with work so officialy we start Crunch 1.0 (deadline for audit version - playable alpha). Crunch 2.0 will start at 2,5 months to end time for finale build. We was planning to work as german Tiger, finishing task after task. That sadly didn't happen - life :(. But we dont crack and with lessons from previous projects experience is telling as that in 3 days 70% of planned project can be done. Fight is still on!

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Dev Diary 5 - Strings Project

Strings Theory

by BB Team in Poland on 12 July 2016

Life is hard, specially when every responsibilities are jumping on TO DO list in one time. So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls CRUNCH 1.0 is warming up. After fixing our schedule, calendar and task list we need Super Powers to land this plane. With experience gathered from earlier projects we know that if you have “CRUNCH POWERS” - every project in any date is possible ;). Wish as LUCK (and B I G 5L boiler with coffe) !

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